Academic Reading (Study Abroad, for Students)

60 minutes – 3 Passages – 40 Questions


General Training Reading (Migration/Work)

60 minutes – 5 Passages – 40 Questions

Type of questions:

  1. Multiple Choice,
  2. Identifying Information (True/False/Not Given),
  3. Identifying the Writer’s Views/Claims (Yes/No/Not Given)
  4. Matching Information,
  5. Matching Headings
  6. Matching Features
  7. Matching Sentence Ending
  8. Sentence Completion
  9. Summary Completion
  10. Note Completion
  11. Table Completion
  12. Flow-Chart Completion
  13. Diagram Label Completion
  14. Short-Answer Question

There are 40 questions in Academic reading section which is designed to test the reading skills in many ways. For instance, reading for main ideas, reading for gist, reading for skimming, detail, understanding logical argument and recognizing writer’s views, attitudes and intension.


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