IELTS Listening Test


In this writing, IELTS listening test is explained in details. Listening is the first part of IELTS test. Examinee must be listening audio track for 30min of the test and pick the correct answer from questions one to forty. After thirty minutes of the test, everyone will get extra ten minutes to transfer correct answers to the final answer sheet. As it has four parts, difficulty level will be increasing in every following part compare to the previous one.

30 minutes

You have to listen four recordings of native English speakers for 30 minutes and then write answers to 40 questions.

  • A conversation – between two people. – 1st recording
  • A monologue – on regular social context – 2nd recording
  • A conversation – at most four people set in an educational or training context, like a university tutor and a student discussing a term paper – 3rd recording
  • A monologue on any academic subject, for example a university class – 4th recording

Evaluators will be looking for sign of your ability to understand the main ideas and detailed realistic information, the views and attitudes of speakers, the purpose of a word and indication of your ability to follow the development of ideas. (Click here for free Listening test in YouTube)

The Part 1 and 2 are about social contexts where in Part 1, there is a conversation between two people for example, conversations about any social event (travel, friendly sports arrangements, and in Part 2, these is a monologue for example only one speaker will speak about any social context like local facilities. The final two parts deal with circumstances set in educational and training contexts. In Part 3, there is a discussion between two main speakers, for example, two university students in conversation, maybe guided by a professor, and in Part 4, there is a monologue on an academic topic. The soundtracks are heard only once. They include a Range of Accents: British, Australian, New Zealand, American and Canadian.


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